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Drivers who place their trust in tire manufacturers could be disappointed – and endangered – if they drive on a series of tires recalled by the NHTSA in connection with defective tire treads. But what are defective tire treads, and what dangers do they present?accident injury attorneys

Tires are produced with a steel belt and a tread that overlays a series of liners and radial body piles. In some cases, tire tread defects manifest when the rubber treads are unable to adhere to the rest of the tire due to faulty adhesive, improper manufacturing conditions, contaminants introduced during the manufacturing process, and cheap manufacturing processes that skimp on interior tire components. In these cases, the defective tire treads can respond badly to normal driving conditions, separating from the tire and presenting significant danger to those on the road.
How did defective tire treads get on the road in the first place? Companies like Firestone and Goodyear allowed these tires to be placed on the market despite faults in design and manufacturing. Used as standard on many models of SUV in the 1990s, these tires do not usually show their defect until many years of use have passed. The only indication would be an actual breach in the tread, and in that case, it’s usually too late for drivers whose lives have been placed in danger.

“Companies like Firestone and Goodyear allowed these tires to be placed on the market despite faults in design and manufacturing.”

Defective tire treads have been addressed by several recalls and lawsuits. Unfortunately, many of these defective tires are still on the road, placing drivers at risk on a daily basis. Luckily, consumers who are injured in a rollover accident due to defective tire treads can fight back in court, seeking compensation for their injuries and the costs associated with medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering. accident lawyers
If you’re seeking compensation for a defective tire tread accident, you need the support of a competent and experienced attorney who specializes in personal injury. Your tire tread defect lawyer should boast a long track record, a supportive staff, and an excellent reputation in your community. At our Law Firm, we have all three and more. We specialize in personal injury and help our valued clients fight back against mega corporations whose negligence endangers their lives. And we get real results.
If you have been injured in a crash involving defective tire treads, don’t delay – your time to file could be limited by local law. Call our Law Firm today – we’ll give you a free case consultation and more information on the potential for a defective tire tread lawsuit.

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